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We are Oakley Coaching, accredited coaches and healthcare professionals who specialise in supporting practitioners working in both private practice and the NHS. The Confident Clinicians Academy has been developed to bring you the very best in online skills courses to help you in clinical practice.


Dr Rob Finch

CEO, The Royal College of Chiropractors

Philippa Oakley delivered a seminar for members of the Royal College of Chiropractors focusing on communicating with patients in pain, incorporating health coaching and motivational interviewing techniques. We were pleased to be able to facilitate a seminar on this topic for our members given the importance of incorporating these skills into patient care. The feedback from our delegates was that the event was highly engaging and informative, with skills that were relevant and immediately applicable to practice.

Catherine Quinn

President, British Chiropractic Association

We invited Rhiannon and Philippa to speak at the BCA Autumn conference after seeing their seminar at the COPA series in London. We pride ourselves on the quality of speakers and CPD we provide to our members and Oakley Coaching delivered a highly professional and informative talk with captivating stories from clinical practice. 
 Our members commented that their presentation was full of valuable content that would be of enormous benefit to them, and we would be pleased to invite Oakley Coaching to speak at future BCA events. The BCA is always proud to see our members achieving in various ways and we are delighted to see Philippa and Rhiannon delivering such high-quality CPD.

Samantha Davies

Private Practice, The Corefit Chiro

Can’t recommend Oakley Coaching enough! Philippa and Rhiannon are experts in the world of coaching and have helped me over the years in so many ways. Not just in practice but personally also. I am so happy that they have finally put everything they know into a course that we can use to hone our skills. I’ve just started it and I can tell you straight away it doesn’t disappoint. It’s clear, easy to follow and full of unbelievably useful information that is going to make my communication skills in practice much more effective. I'm excited to find out what the rest of the course will bring. Thanks so much ladies, you’re both amazing.

Mai-Thy Ta

Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance, USA

For the last few months, I've been struggling with a strong sense of Imposter Syndrome particularly at my clinic as well as within my leadership positions both within the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance and the American Chiropractic Alliance. COVID-19 turned everything upside down, and I genuinely felt lost, unproductive, and unmotivated. I felt like I was letting my team down. One day, I was helping with some routine maintenance on our website and I actually stumbled on one of our FTCA Webinars that we have for our members. It was a webinar created by Philippa Oakley DC and Rhiannon Oakley titled: Goal Setting & Leadership During Crisis, and the title itself really struck a chord with me. I immediately watched it and let me just say, it truly was a breath of fresh air. I re-structured my goal setting into manageable pieces and began implementing their tips to re-energize myself, to re-fill my cup, and re-identify my purpose. I can't recommend this webinar enough for those of you who have had similar feelings during this pandemic. I'm so thankful for Philippa and Rhiannon Oakley for their guidance and for supporting the FTCA!
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